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A handy laser acupuncture pen that releases an electric pulse and, in no time without any needle pain, helps you to get relief from arthritis

Magnetic Therapy For Pain Relief We understand that needles are not for you

Unblock your Energy with a fusion of modern biotechnology and ancient acupuncture. - Acupuncture Therapy Pens First Developed by Real Acupuncture

Regulate the body's balance and metabolism. Meridian functions

Here's What You Need to Know

✔️ Scientifically Tested and Proven to Work - acupuncture Pen is designed to stimulate deep tissue based on the principles of acupuncture. A small electro micro pulse is delivered into the affected area to encourage blood flow and natural cell regeneration.

✔️ 100% Safe with EC Certification acupuncture Pen conforms with European regulatory requirements and is completely safe to use. The micro pulse output is at 3.7V where the human body is only at risk at outputs of 50V or more.

✔️ Set to Your Needs - Choose from 9 different settings so you'll never feel any pain or discomfort. Simply adjust to your desired intensity and enjoy.

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