Facts about a fogging machine

A fogging machine is equipment that makes use of fine spray to apply chemical solution to control pests. It is also known as fogger. These machines can also be used for sanitizing, disinfecting and help in restricting the growth of mould.


A fogging machine is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications such as agriculture and food process industry. Chemical fogging machines finds its usage in dairy industry, pig industry and hatcheries for the business. They are also used for sanitizing food preparation areas where cleanliness is essential. In pharmaceuticals to control the microbial contamination in controlled area. These machines uses pressure to create a fine spray to target different area. Manual valve fitted ensure optimum spray density effect.
Do you know which pests gets killed by fogging machines? Fogging machines are suitable against a variety of bugs and to control mosquitoes, fleas or even a bed bug.
 A fogging machine comes in various designs according to your use. These machine can be portable or static, automatic or manual. Differ in size based on functionality and chemicals/disinfectant holding capacity. 
 Fogging machines feature direct fixation to a drum. Connection can be directly made to insecticide or chemical solution drum aiding large scale operation. Handheld fogger is suitable for covering a small area. A truck mounted fogging machines will help us to spread the fluid over long distances.