Types of fogging machines

Thermal fogging machine:
Thermal fogging machine makes use of heat to vaporize fogging solution and spread it through the air. This machine is ideal at easy penetration to hard to reach outdoor areas. Thermal fogging machines are capable of distributing both oil and water based chemicals. Fungicide, pesticide, poultry vaccine, disinfectant, miticide and odor 
neutralizer can be dispensedThese machines burn the pesticide and create fog to destroy insects present in the surrounding. Types includes Hand-carried thermal foggers, vehicle-mounted thermal foggers, aircraft application of thermal fogs. Benefits includes easy visible fog so that dispersal and penetration can be readily observed and monitored.
Cold fogging machine:
Cold fogging machines uses air pressure to spread the solution through the air in tiny particles. Cold fogging machine works on electricity and used for farm disinfection. Fogger consists of adjustable flow regulators to control the rate of flow and fog droplet size. Others work automatically and could set the timer and it would spray accordinglyDifferent types of cold fogging machines includes hand-carried cold foggers, vehicle mounted cold
foggers, and aircraft application of cold fogs. These machines are beneficial to us in many ways. It ensures reduced operator exposure. Offers no traffic hazard as the fog is invisible and ensures increased acceptability.